Some Factors To Use To Evaluate Employee Performance

It can be difficult to determine how exactly you should evaluate your employees, especially if they perform a variety of duties and functions. Here are 10 of the most important factors to consider when you are evaluating your employees.

Quality of work: Look at the work the employee in question has produced over the evaluation period. Was it well done? Was it thorough? Was every detail thought through? Were there any mistakes? You can consider feedback from clients or team members on the quality of the work and think about whether the employee’s work fits the standard of your business.

Execution: Look at how well your employee organizes, schedules, and completes tasks; how they manage their time; how creative they are; and how they communicate with their team members. Are they largely self-sufficient and able to complete their work on time, or do they require significant assistance or handholding on their tasks? Is their work considered “high-level”?

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Progress: Look at the employee’s performance in the evaluation period. Have they met their goals from their previous evaluation? Have they grown in their role? Have they acquired new skills? It is reasonable to expect positive growth and development between evaluations.

Adaptability: Does the employee handle change positively? Are they receptive to new ideas or adjustments? Do they demonstrate an ability to modify their working style or processes? Consider how the employee responded to previous goals that you set with them – did they make the necessary adjustments to meet their goals?

Initiative: Look at how the employee pursues their goals and responsibilities. Do they take it upon themselves to meet their objectives, or do they require some prodding? Do they demonstrate an eagerness to tackle goals or new responsibilities? Do they show a desire to excel at their job?