Investigating Deadly Calif. Fire Seizes PG&E Equipment

Fire investigators looking into Agen Poker idn caused a wildfire that killed four people in far Northern California have taken possession of equipment belonging to Pacific Gas and Electric, the utility has reported.

PG&E said in a filing Friday with the Public Utilities Commission that investigators with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection seized some of its electrical equipment near where the Zogg Fire started Sept. 27.

The fire erupted in Shasta County during high winds and quickly grew, killing four people in the community of Igo, population 600. It later spread to neighboring Tehama County. As of Friday, it had scorched 88 square miles (nearly 228 square kilometers) and destroyed more than 200 buildings, about half of them homes. It was almost fully contained.

The utility said it does not have access to the evidence collected by Cal Fire, which has yet to determine a cause for the fire.

PG&E, the nation’s largest utility, recently emerged from bankruptcy stemming from financial fallout from several devastating wildfires caused by its utility equipment that killed more than 100 people and destroyed more than 27,000 homes and other buildings in 2017 and 2018.

Customers in the area where the fire started, near Zogg Mine Road and Jenny Bird Lane north of Igo, are served by a 12,000-volt PG&E circuit. On the day the Zogg Fire began, the utility’s automated equipment in the area “reported alarms and other activity between approximately 2:40 p.m. and 3:06 p.m.,” PG&E told regulators. The line was then de-activated.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office identified one of the victims as Alaina Michelle Rowe, 45, who was found dead along a road on Sept. 28. The sheriff’s department said another victim was a minor but did not report the identity. KRCR-TV in Redding reported that Rowe and her eight-year-old daughter Feyla died as they tried to escape the fire.

In June, Pacific Gas & Electric confessed Tuesday to killing 84 people in one of the most devastating wildfires in recent U.S. history during a dramatic court hearing punctuated by a promise from the company’s outgoing CEO that the nation’s largest utility will never again put profits ahead of safety.

Why This Entrepreneur Sold His Evacuation Software Company Two Years After Founding It

The San Francisco-primarily based totally organization based in 2019 makes software program that facilitates government plan and execute evacuations. The organization has partnerships with hearthplace departments in greater than a dozen counties in California, together with maximum of the Bay Area. In June, the 25-character organization offered to emergency alert organization Genasys for $24.2 million, in step with the publicly traded organization’s SEC filings. Here, Zonehaven co-founder and CEO Charlie Crocker discusses the sale.

How did you locate your buyer?
Last fall, a few hearthplace chiefs in Alameda County have been trying to installation outside caution audio system for evacuations. They have been speakme to at least one organization, Genasys, and advised them they had to combine with us. So Genasys referred to as us up and stated, “We’re advised we are alleged to combine with you. What does that appearance like?” That commenced a sequence of conversations.

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We knew in some unspecified time in the future we had to scale. I’d been running on getting VC investment to take this to the following level. I became now no longer looking [for an acquisition]. We spent the following six months studying Genasys, now no longer simply from a economic feel, however from a character feel. I went right all the way down to San Diego a group and might paintings from their places of work down there. I desired a experience for the places of work. I desired a experience for the people. I desired to experience their culture. I were given to the factor in which I surely depended on their management and their direction, and it were given to some extent in which it made feel.

What have been the negotiations like?
There became a few believe among the parties, that is important. We each had recommend that became pushing us to play a bit greater hardball. There have been a few factors withinside the negotiation while we stated to the recommend, “Please go away the room.” Then Richard [Danforth, Genasys’s CEO] and I might have a conversation, and every body might come lower back and we might inform the recommend the decision. Our questioning became: If we can not resolve this, then we should not come collectively as a business. So we had that mind-set from the start that this needed to be a win-win, this needed to be some thing that made feel for each folks. Neither folks desired to be those squeezing for a few small quantity of money. You can try and get an extra $50,000 out of someone, however it truly is now no longer going to set you up for fulfillment as soon as you return back collectively. Those previous couple of cuts can reduce the deepest.

Some Factors To Use To Evaluate Employee Performance

It can be difficult to determine how exactly you should evaluate your employees, especially if they perform a variety of duties and functions. Here are 10 of the most important factors to consider when you are evaluating your employees.

Quality of work: Look at the work the employee in question has produced over the evaluation period. Was it well done? Was it thorough? Was every detail thought through? Were there any mistakes? You can consider feedback from clients or team members on the quality of the work and think about whether the employee’s work fits the standard of your business.

Execution: Look at how well your employee organizes, schedules, and completes tasks; how they manage their time; how creative they are; and how they communicate with their team members. Are they largely self-sufficient and able to complete their work on time, or do they require significant assistance or handholding on their tasks? Is their work considered “high-level”?

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Progress: Look at the employee’s performance in the evaluation period. Have they met their goals from their previous evaluation? Have they grown in their role? Have they acquired new skills? It is reasonable to expect positive growth and development between evaluations.

Adaptability: Does the employee handle change positively? Are they receptive to new ideas or adjustments? Do they demonstrate an ability to modify their working style or processes? Consider how the employee responded to previous goals that you set with them – did they make the necessary adjustments to meet their goals?

Initiative: Look at how the employee pursues their goals and responsibilities. Do they take it upon themselves to meet their objectives, or do they require some prodding? Do they demonstrate an eagerness to tackle goals or new responsibilities? Do they show a desire to excel at their job?

Tips to Choose The Right Business Bank

Tasks like naming the business and creating a logo are obvious, but what about the less-heralded, equally important steps? Whether it’s determining your business structure or crafting a detailed marketing strategy, the workload can quickly pile up. Rather than spinning your wheels and guessing at where to start, follow this 10-step checklist to transform your business from a lightbulb above your head to a real entity.

When you’re choosing a business bank, size matters. Marcus Anwar, co-founder of OhMy Canada, recommends smaller community banks because they are in tune with the local market conditions and will work with you based on your overall business profile and character.

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“They’re unlike big banks that look at your credit score and will be more selective to loan money to small businesses,” Anwar said. “Not only that, but small banks want to build a personal relationship with you and ultimately help you if you run into problems and miss a payment. Another good thing about smaller banks is that decisions are made at the branch level, which can be much quicker than big banks, where decisions are made at a higher level.”

Anwar believes that you should ask yourself these questions when choosing a bank for your business:

What is important to me?
Do I want to build a close relationship with a bank that’s willing to help me in any way possible?
Do I want to be just another bank account, like big banks will view me as?
Ultimately, the right bank for your business comes down to your needs. Writing down your banking needs can help narrow your focus to what you should be looking for. Schedule meetings with various banks and ask questions about how they work with small businesses to find the best bank for your business. [Read related article: Business Bank Account Checklist: Documents You’ll Need]

Key takeaway: Financially, you will want to perform a break-even analysis, consider your expenses and funding options, and choose the right bank for your business.

PEOs vs. Payroll providers

Although PEOs and payroll providers both oversee your payroll, they’ll do so in different ways game judi slot. These differences include additional services, varying prices and different contractual obligations. Here’s how it breaks down:

Services provided
As your co-employer, your PEO can oversee significantly more tasks than a PSP can daftar slot online. Your PEO will likely obtain and administer your workers’ compensation insurance, and it can also run your hiring and termination processes. Your PEO can also sponsor your company’s health insurance plans and offer you high-quality large-employer plans you might not otherwise have access to. Some PSPs offer health insurance, but PEO plans are typically far superior.

A PSP is focused on processing your payroll and ensuring you meet your payroll tax responsibilities. However, more payroll providers are offering additional HR services such as employee retirement plans and HR consulting.

PEOs are often more expensive than PSPs, but in looking at the bigger picture and longer term, PEOs may cost less. For starters, the superior health insurance plans available to you through PEOs can cost you less than the insurance plans you might obtain through an insurance broker. Additionally, your PEO won’t charge you more as you add services.

PEOs typically charge you up to 15% of your gross wages per pay period or a flat but high per-employee fee each month. You may also pay a setup fee that can cost thousands of dollars.

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By comparison, a PSP will likely cost no more than $200 per employee per year, but these fees come with none of the cost-saving HR services for which PEOs are known.

Contractual obligation
If you hire a PEO, the large-employer rules that apply to your PEO apply to you. You’ll have additional Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Affordable Care Act (ACA) and employee handbook formalities with which to comply. However, alongside these added rules come tremendous time savings, since the PEO can oversee a large portion of your HR needs.

If you choose a PSP, you’ll face few regulatory and contract-based changes, since your PSP is not your co-employer. It’s also important to note that with neither a PSP nor a PEO do you lose control over your employees. You’ll still control day-to-day operations such as employee tasks, assignments and required locations.

Risk and compliance
Like any third-party firm that you hire to outsource certain services, a PSP does not share legal culpability for compliance errors that it may make. In other words, if your PSP messes up your payroll taxes, only you bear the legal burden. As such, hiring a PSP doesn’t do all that much to minimize your business risks and alleviate any compliance concerns.

PEOs are a different story. They’re an excellent choice for managing risk and compliance, since, as your co-employer, they share legal responsibility with you. PEOs have an incentive to minimize risks. They can help obtain top-tier workers’ comp plans for your company. They’ll also handle your workers’ comp claims investigation, representation and management. PEOs address several additional small business risks and compliance concerns such as drug testing, hiring and firing, and workplace security.

Employer of record
A PEO acts as your employer of record (EOR), which means it sets the rules around your benefits. Although this arrangement changes little about your day-to-day affairs, it may limit your benefits plan and carrier options.

That said, the benefits of a PEO serving as your EOR generally outweigh the cons. As the EOR, your PEO – which is a much larger company than yours – has access to benefits with higher quality and lower premiums than you would likely find on your own. Your EOR arrangement also delegates tax filing and remitting to the PEO under its EIN instead of yours, which can lower your SUTA and FUTA tax burdens.

A PSP, on the other hand, is neither your EOR nor your co-employer. Hiring a PSP only changes how you process your payroll and perhaps any additional HR services your PSP offers. You remain the employer of record, and all taxes are filed and remitted under your EIN.

Freelance Taxes: What Every Freelancer Needs to Know

Running your own freelance business comes with judi online a lot of freedom. It’s exhilarating to set your own hours, be your own boss, select your own clients, and decide which projects you want to pursue or pass on. In fact, about 57 million people – or 35% of the U.S. workforce – perform freelance work, whether as a temporary situation, side gig or long-term career path, according to the 2019 Freelancing in America survey.

However, freelancing comes with its share of challenges, from negotiating a fair price for your labor to worrying about where your next job will come from, and even if it will come at all.

One area many freelancers don’t think much about is paying taxes. New freelancers, especially those who had traditional jobs with a company until recently, are accustomed to their employer automatically making deductions from their paychecks. However, the self-employed are responsible for staying on top of their tax obligations and figuring out what they owe and when they need to pay it on their own.

For freelancers and independent contractors, tax time isn’t once a year – it’s always on the horizon. These tips from tax experts will help you prepare for tax season and beyond.

How to Set a Price for Your Service

Are you properly valuing the services you agen poker online provide?
Setting the proper prices for your goods or services is one of the most crucial elements of business.
To set fair and accurate prices for your services, you’ll need to understand what the service is costing your business, find out what your competitors charge, utilize conversions and metrics, and price higher than you initially thought you would.
Some of the most common pricing strategies are penetration pricing, economy pricing, psychological pricing, price skimming and product line pricing.
Coming up with a business idea is only half the battle. Determining a price for your services is another huge part. As a business owner, you need to determine a price for your services before you can start offering them to potential customers, and if you can’t offer your services, you can’t make any money. So setting a proper price is one of the crucial first steps in setting up your business.

“Pricing is a mix of art and science,” said Blair Enns, published author and CEO of Win Without Pitching. “For customized service firms – where each engagement is a blank slate of possibilities – it’s mostly art. For productized services, which are intended to scale to many clients or customers, there’s more science in the form of competitive analysis and audience segmentation.” community member Jessica Federman asked fellow members how to charge for a PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint is a service that should be customized to each client, because each one will have different needs. Therefore, it is important to determine pricing for the client, rather than for the job itself. Enns said the basis for the different prices should not be the time it takes to do the work or the number of slides, but rather the value of the presentation to the individual client or organization.

“Different clients will and should pay different prices based on the value of that PowerPoint design to the client,” he said. “For example, a PowerPoint presentation for a solopreneur small business coach that would be used to pitch new clients should be priced differently than a presentation the CEO of Microsoft would use to pitch his new strategic vision to the board of directors.”

According to Enns, the companies that price this way tend to outearn their competitors.

How to Submit a Trademark

As a business, you want to protect your Situs judi assets. This can mean anything from writing a good privacy policy to taking plagiarists to court. When you’re producing graphics for your website, whether it’s a logo for the corner navigation or an illustration for a blog post or landing page, those are assets to your company. You might have paid a graphic designer for them or made them yourself, but either way, they’re worth protecting. So, can you trademark them? Find out with this guide on how to get a registered trademark, how to submit a trademark, and how to decide whether a copyright or trademark is right for your valuable assets.

Trademark vs. copyright
A trademark is a phrase or symbol that functions as an indicator of a brand. The concept stretches back to ancient times, when skilled artisans working with metal or ceramic would imprint their own distinct mark, called a maker’s mark, on the finished product. Today, you can often distinguish between a high-quality piece of jewelry and a knockoff by the maker’s mark. A registered trademark is a legal enforcement of such a mark, both for physical products and for digital assets.

Virtually anything can be a trademark. Words, images and specific decorations can all count. A trademark has an associated “strength,” which is how defensible it is as your unique mark versus how widely it can be used by other entities.

For example, the Apple logo with the bite taken out of it is a fairly strong trademark. Other entities are generally unable to use that specific symbol defensibly. On the other hand, Apple trying to trademark the word “apple” would be very weak; a bakery using apples is not in violation of Apple’s registered trademark if it describe its pies as apple pies. Big Apple Bagels isn’t in violation for using its city’s nickname.

A very strong trademark is one that is completely made up. The brand name Xerox is one example. There was no entity or name called Xerox prior to the company creating the name and using it in its branding. It’s very strong now, as any other use of it is necessarily in reference to the company.

Generally, trademarks should be registered. While you don’t need to register a trademark, a registered trademark allows you to make your mark public knowledge and gives you precedence against future similar marks being registered.

Discovering approaches to reignite the enthusiasm for your business

For some entrepreneurs, enthusiasm is a significant driver behind going into business, however another overview from Vistaprint uncovers another side of the story.

“Beginning a business isn’t so not quite the same as beginning a relationship. There is the wedding trip stage that helps you through for some time, however dependable connections and organizations both require a great deal of work and can accompany a couple of unpleasant patches,” says Vistaprint Customer Strategy and Insights Director Simon Braier.

33% of entrepreneurs in the US, Canada, and the UK confess to losing inspiration to maintain their business since firing up. In an ongoing Vistaprint study, we investigate the elements that influence inspiration in business people, how it impacts them, and what they do to revive the enthusiasm for their business in every one of the three nations.

Top Responses from the US

What are the top purposes behind losing inspiration when maintaining your business?

Significant levels of pressure

Absence of customary/stable compensation

Absence of work-life balance

How could you distinguish that you were losing your inspiration?

Lingering on vital business ventures

Not posting via online media

Not refreshing site as frequently

Top Responses from the UK

What are the top purposes behind losing inspiration when maintaining your business?

Absence of standard/stable pay

Elevated levels of pressure

Lower than anticipated winning potential

How could you recognize that you were losing your inspiration?

Hesitating on essential business ventures

Not refreshing site as frequently

Not posting via online media

Top Responses from Canada

What are the top explanations behind losing inspiration when maintaining your business?

Absence of ordinary/stable pay

Significant levels of pressure

Absence of work-life balance

How could you distinguish that you were losing your inspiration?

Tarrying on vital business ventures

Not posting via web-based media

Not refreshing site as regularly

An Open Letter to University Leadership

As in excess of 100 specialists in general wellbeing, irresistible ailments, emotional well-being, sociologies and clinical consideration, holding workforce positions at colleges the nation over, we approach college managers to grasp a more sympathetic way to deal with Contoh Surat Lamaran Kerja during the Covid pandemic.

Schools and colleges that have settled on the decision to open their grounds to understudies during the Covid pandemic have a commitment to ensure the understudies’ wellbeing, alongside the soundness of workforce, staff and individuals from the encompassing networks. Notwithstanding basic general wellbeing foundation – including successive testing, contact following and upheld isolate and confinement – conduct changes are expected to help moderate Covid transmission, which is especially liable to happen in jam-packed indoor conditions. Notwithstanding, numerous schools and colleges are expecting understudies to make extremist and unreasonable changes in their conduct that work out positively past evasion of huge indoor gatherings, including long haul upkeep of six feet of good ways from every other individual, at the danger of quick and pointlessly reformatory disciplinary activity.

This restraint just way to deal with social contact is unfeeling, unreasonable and prone to blowback. We recognize the danger of youthful grown-ups communicating the infection to workforce, staff or friends who might be at more serious danger of horribleness or mortality from Covid contamination. However, as a rule, youthful grown-ups are themselves at generously lower danger of intricacies from Covid contamination than more established individuals, while at higher danger of mental trouble that can be set off or intensified by social and physical disengagement.

Social contact might be especially fundamental for minimized understudies, whose emotional well-being might be vigorously affected by the loss of positive social associations. Advanced education establishments that anticipate that understudies should continue long haul forbearance from close social and physical contact are neglecting to consider these contending chances, with conceivably critical outcomes.

Mingling is additionally by all account not the only course by which the Covid spreads. Numerous undergrads hold public-confronting tasks to help educational cost, where likely introduction to the infection is by need instead of decision. Moral shock about celebrating on and off grounds has propagated the disgracing and accusing of youngsters and diverted from these word related dangers, which have added to obvious financial and racial/ethnic imbalances in Covid dismalness and mortality among youthful grown-ups.